I remember when I was growing up my first total eclipse experience. We had instructions and tools for viewing to prevent blindness and schools used it as a teaching experience regarding the universe around us. For the 2017 eclipse, I see constant hype and people trying to capitalize on the event to maximize their financial gain. There’s nothing wrong with providing products and services for those wanting to participate in and acknowledge this natural occurring event. However, those who are selling viewing glasses that are unsafe, risking blindness to users for the sake of their financial gain should be punished. Whether penalized financially, or punished for trying to bring harm to others, there needs to be something done to deter merchants from this behavior before the next eclipse.

With regard to those spreading hype that this could be the end of the world, or those who are spreading that this is the gods of the earth telling us we need to change our ways, don’t buy into that. First, the Bible says that no one knows the hour, or the day. While this could be the day, that has nothing to do with the eclipse. Second, if the purpose of the eclipse is a message for the people of earth to change and exhibit more love, in light of recent events in Charlottesville , as well as similar past events, we would have an eclipse every day.

I hope North America enjoys this naturally occurring event today, and if you miss it, there’s always April 2024. I’m marking my calendar now. https://www.consumerreports.org/vacations/dont-worry-about-missing-solar-eclipse/