Recent trends in air fare reflect a drop in pricing with an increase in competitiveness for your business. When fuel prices had escalated to unbelievable proportions a few years ago, personal travel changed significantly. The time involved in going through security checks, plus the high cost of the air fare weighed heavily on family decisions on how to make the most of their family vacation without breaking the bank. Where one might have once flown to a destination 10-12 hours a way, travelers were opting to drive and some even going to the expense of securing a rental van to make the drive more comfortable for the family, while not putting those extra miles on their own. Fast forward to the summer of 2017, with fuel prices more stable, we’re seeing a drop in the cost of flights across the board. If you’re on the fence about flying to your destination right now, you may want to just check a few of the airlines to see what they are offering. For additional tips on tracking air fare trends, visit the link below to a USA Today article.