Twenty-five years ago, a store clerk permanently changed my mindset on how I approach tasks. She was handling a return for me, and it was taking a long time and a lot of effort simply because of some incorrect coding on the tag. After about twenty minutes, I apologized to her for having to deal with the return and it taking so long. Her response was simple, but insightful. “It’s no problem dear. If I weren’t taking care of it, someone else would have to, so it may as well be me.”

That’s so true. Throughout our life there will be things we aren’t particularly excited about doing, but why push those off on someone else? Why not do the task no one else wants to do?

The kind of people that all teams need are people who are humble, hungry, and smart: humble being little ego, focusing more on their teammates than on themselves. Hungry, meaning they have a strong work ethic, are determined to get things done, and contribute any way they can. Smart, meaning not intellectually smart but inner personally smart. ~Patrick Lencioni