I used to work with someone who lived most of their life in the past, particularly their high school glory days. You see this type of personality portrayed in the movies, but don’t really expect to know someone like that. When we see that character in the movies, our emotional response is typically that we pity that person. They can’t seem to get out of the past to enjoy the present and plan for the future. If someone is just a few years out of high school, it’s more understandable to hear reminiscing about
high school. When one has been out of high school 15+ years and still hanging on to those successes, rather than focusing on new ones, that denotes regrets and dissatisfaction. If you are one who is struggling with feelings of not being as successful and popular as you once were, I encourage you to reset your thinking. Imagine you are writing a book, and the audience is your future. What would you write to fill those pages and tell the future how you are going to impact it and bring your best self forward.

I love these quotes by author, Catherine Pulsifer, and my hope is that they will encourage you today.

Don’t live your life regretting yesterday. Live your life so tomorrow you won’t regret today. Catherine Pulsifer,

To live with regret is to be mired in the past and a past that cannot be changed in anyway. No matter how much you may think that recounting issues that have caused you problems over the last few years, it will not help you to move towards creating a better or a new life. Catherine Pulsifer, Forgive Yourself