More than two decades have passed since I worked in an office where there was someone so addicted to gossip, this person announced that she had chose that to give up for lent. She admitted that she loved gossip. What she didn’t realize is that, instead of the gossip she spread making her more popular, it actually created a distrust in her relationships. She became the subject of gossip, and those who migrated toward her where those only interested in learning the information she knew, so they could spread it to others. Many believe there is some type of prestige with being “in the know”. In reality, the unintended effects is that the person is either avoided like the plague so as not to get drawn in, becoming the subject of the gossip themselves, or superficial relationships will be established with the gossiper being used to find out information, or to spread information to others.

If you find yourself being drawn into a relationship with a gossiper, I would advise you to approach that with caution. Don’t be drawn into that world. Instead, when the gossiper says something negative, or has some juicy piece of information they want to share with you, you can control that conversation by redirecting the focus to another subject. If something negative is said about another person, try countering that with something positive you see in that person. After awhile, the gossiper will either stop feeding information to you, or become bored with your relationship and move on.

The quote below is very insightful and conceptually not just applicable to women:

“I just believe that us as women— should not criticize nor pull down other women. And why? Because we’re all just trying our best to be beautiful! We all just want to be loved, we want to be beautiful, we’re all trying to leave our own legacy! The good news is that the universe is unending and that means there is enough space for each woman on earth to leave her own mark and to be her own legacy. To be her own kind of beautiful. So why spend even a second on trying to take away from another woman? Trying to steal, trying to criticize, trying to oppress? There is enough space for every woman and every kind of beautiful, in this vast cosmos! When you waste any amount of time trying to take what is another’s— you are wasting your huge chunk of a galaxy that’s already been given to you!”
― C. JoyBell C.