My daughter and her family just returned from vacation. During their drive, they stopped to get gas and noticed after the fact that it appeared the card reader at the pump had been tampered with. She immediately called the bank to cancel the card to avoid any issues.

I know several people, including me, who have had their card numbers stolen, and skimmers at the gas pump is one of the most common. It is always wise to avoid the pumps furthest from the storefront and cameras and to look at the other pumps to compare if the card readers look the same. But, how can you further protect yourself? A practice that my husband and I have adopted is to purchase pre-paid VISA cards for the purpose of getting gas. If you use a $100 gift card, and your information is compromised, you haven’t lost much.

For further information on skimming, I have included a link below for some tips.

10 Tips on How NOT To Be a Victim Of Card Skimming