When my children where growing up, there were many stores that had layaway programs. Most have phased out this benefit to its customers for numerous reasons. One unfortunate reason is the practice of some who will put items on layaway then never pick them up, leaving the store with merchandise that could have been sold already.

Walmart is one of the few merchants who remain loyal to customers and provide them with a layaway option for holiday shopping. The program starts around the end of September each year and merchandise must be picked up at a designated date around the middle of December. My husband and I always take advantage of this program for more than just budgeting purposes. Aside from that advantage, here are a few other benefits to consider:

  • Ensuring availability of what you want to purchase for a gift before Christmas
  • If the item goes on sale before the layaway is picked up, Walmart automatically adjusts the price down to the sale price and it stays there
  • Walmart storing your gifts, instead of you trying to find extra space in your house to store them
  • If you are purchasing a large item for your child, such as a bike, it is much easier to have it on layaway at Walmart, instead of trying to keep it hidden from your child for weeks
  • Theft and break in occurrences are heightened around this time of year. If your gifts are at Walmart, instead of in your home, they are protected from the break in

If you are considering your options for holiday shopping, I encourage you to consider taking advantage of Walmart layaway to show this merchant appreciation for catering to the needs of its customers.