I recently attended an event where the speaker talked about personal branding. During her presentation, she covered her many years of education. She held two Bachelors degrees, two Masters and is currently working on her PhD. She listed in her goals that education is a second career for her and stated that she loves making money. The position she holds now, she is likely receiving a good return on her monetary investment into her education.

While I do have a great deal of respect for someone that committed to continuing their formal education, I do have to wonder if this accomplished lady will ever receive an adequate return on her investment of time. I am in no way trying to discount her commitment to education. However, I have to wonder if she would end up in the same income bracket if she had one Bachelors, or one Bachelors and one Masters, or maybe even no education at all past high school.

When deciding your career path and your formal education, consider if you will realize a decent return on your investment and what your prospects are in that field by the time you finish with your desired degree. As I look at those around me, I know numerous people not working in their chosen field because of lack of job availability in that specific area. I also know those making over six figures who have no degree, as well as many, many people who have a couple of Bachelors, and a Masters who are working for others who have no degree and making significantly less. Their solution to get ahead? “I’m gong to get my PhD.” What??? I’m not sure how that will fix the issue. Unless you’re a scientist, a doctor, veterinarian, lawyer, or other specialized field, it is wise to not only do research on current trends in your chosen field, but trends in sustainability for your future prospects. Be wise in how you invest in your education. Look at the income levels and need of the path you are traveling for optimal ROI on your investment.

It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense – Robert G Ingersoll

Some people get an education without going to college. The rest get it after they get out – Mark Twain