Kroger Click List vs. Sam’s Club online ordering: When I had knee replacement at the end of 2017 and still in physical therapy the beginning of 2018, this was the first time I used any type of click list concept. My husband and I shop Sam’s club frequently for our meats, fruits, vegetables and paper products, as well as some other bulk groceries. Neither of us really enjoy grocery shopping, so I thought I would give Sam’s club a try. The transaction went beautifully, with one minor issue of a product being out of stock. No big deal. That happens when I go in the grocery store to shop. I have used Sam’s online shopping and click list many times since and still am a fan.

Kroger is a different story. I’m not sure if it’s every Kroger, or just the particular super Kroger I’m using as my pick-up point. I have used this option three times. The first time was a pretty good experience, and other than a pretty lengthy wait for them to bring out my groceries, it still saved me time. The second time I used the Kroger click list, it was right before the Fourth of July holiday weekend. We were going out of town, so not only did I need to get groceries to take to the lake, I had ordered food and snacks for our dog sitter. I live about 30 minutes away out in the country and was almost to Kroger, when I received a call telling me there was a glitch in their system and they had an overwhelming about of orders to fill. They asked if I could come the next day. To be honest, this was not at all convenient, but it was manageable, since we were driving out of town and not flying somewhere. I told them I would pick up first thing the next morning.

The next morning, I went to pick up my click list groceries, I still had to wait quite a bit, but not nearly as long as the first time. When the click list picker arrives with my groceries, she informs me they were out of some of my items. They substituted chicken breast for turkey breast, giving me double the amount of the chicken breast slices and no turkey. Okay, I know they are birds, but let’s face it, not everything tastes like chicken, including turkey. Then, instead of substituting another type of wheat bread for the original wheat bread I ordered that they were out of (okay, most wheat bread tastes the same), they took bread off my list and made no substitution. I am still curious about this substitution thought process. In Kroger’s favor, they did provide me with a $10 credit for my inconvenience. I appreciate this, as I know things can happen, and it appeared that Kroger was making every effort to extend an apology to customers through giving them a credit.

Last night, I did the Kroger click list again. I had a lunch to go to, and my husband and I had a bit of a wait again picking up our click list items on the way back home. This time, Kroger included a $5 coupon that the click list picker offered for our wait when she brought out our groceries, so they are doing their best to make things right. The click list picker said they had lost some of our items and they had to be pulled from the shelves again, and that was the reason for my wait. When I got home and was putting away groceries, there were two items missing that I needed for a recipe I had planned on making that day. When I called, the customer service person said to bring my receipt back in and they would give the items to me. I explained that I lived a good distance and that it would be a lot closer for me to go to another store in my area for the items. He then said to just bring in the receipt next time I am in their store and they will give them to me. Ummmm…seriously? Not only do I have to go back out to the store, I now have to stop in at some point, wait in their customer service line and then go find the items and come back to the customer service desk. This is not the answer I was looking for, so he finally passed me to someone who could remove the items from my bill before the charge hit the bank. By the time I went through all of this, I could have gone into the store to get these items myself. If I’m going to do that, then it makes better sense to shop where I normally do, instead. As for things that save time, in the future, I will be more selective about my time management options.

“It’s how we spend our time here and now, that really matters. If you are fed up with the way you have come to interact with time, change it.“  – Marcia Wieder