It finally happened. This year, 2018, my husband forgot our anniversary, and I am ecstatic. Why, you ask? Because I am usually the one that forgets, and he never does. When my mother texted “Happy Anniversary” to me that morning, I was like, “Oh snap! Kim forgot our anniversary, and I’ll text him before he remembers and texts me”. ????

This has nothing to do with whether, or not, we have a great marriage. It has everything to do with the fact that he is kind, considerate and does special, thoughtful things ALL the time; not just on my birthday, or our anniversary. I do my best to reciprocate, but I’ll have to admit, I think he is more thoughtful than I am. When you have someone making you feel special and loved every day, you don’t feel entitled to it even more so on those special occasions.

Additionally, he is at a bit of a disadvantage with me in the gift department. I’m not big on flowers, or cards. I know they are a nice gesture, but honestly, it seems like a waste of money. Cut flowers die in a week. Cards may eventually get thrown away. Although, I have saved every card he has ever given to me, and there is now a box of them in our storage room. As far as other gifts, I have plenty of jewelry, and the rule is if he buys a fur to give me, it must have four legs and a heartbeat.

I’m horrible with dates. I don’t fixate on them, because I believe if a relationship is important, every day with that person is special. I don’t even fixate on my birthday and often forget that date, too. I happened across the article below about forgetting important dates, and it sure sounds like the writer is annoyed with someone who must have forgotten her birthday, or something.

The reality is, you should be connecting with your loved ones often, and yes, by all means, recognize their birthdays and anniversaries, but more of all, spend time together. Each day with your loved ones is a gift. Treat it as the most precious gift you’ve ever been given.

Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short. ~unknown