We are coming into a season of shopping for unique gifts to give family and friends. We do our best to buy local for many of these, so I’m going to get this started on my blog. I plan on sharing local vendors as I run across them at craft fairs, but if you have recommendations, please comment on this post, or send them to me directly. I will be sharing book authors here and there as well and have featured two in this post.

The first link is my husband’s woodworking business for carved bourbon barrel lids, cutting boards, cheese boards, themed bowls and log bowls, custom bottle openers, and hand turned items, such as pens, seam rippers, bottle stoppers, etc. https://www.facebook.com/RustictoRefined/

This site is a pen maker who uses reclaimed barn wood. While pens are his main focus, he has other items available and does beautiful work. https://barnwoodpens.com/

This link will take you to Everlovin crafters who make custom hats, shirts, jewelry, pallet signs and repurposed and upcycled items. https://www.facebook.com/everlovinstuff/

This link is perfect for those looking for unique, hand crafted stuffed animals, dolls and other toys. https://www.facebook.com/litttlebitofeverything/

These next two sites are to local authors. JoAnn Durgin and Hannah Conway are amazing ladies and fabulous writers. For your avid reader, check out their sites to see what they have to offer. This time of year is perfect for Christmas fiction, and these writers offer that as well.



This local pottery artisan has beautiful pieces that make great Christmas gifts. I’ve purchased several myself in the past and the recipient has always been pleased. She will also do custom work:


This local merchant has furniture, both new and used. They are great to work with and their prices are reasonable. They have large items, as well as accent pieces. https://www.facebook.com/houseofages/

I hope you’ll consider buying local wherever you are!