I am fortunate enough to have a coach who gives guidance in such a way it almost makes one feel privileged to be corrected. I think everyone has someone -at least one-who thinks they have all the answers and cannot wait to point out when they think someone doesn’t know what they are talking about. It’s as if they delight in providing the “facts”. I have to wonder where they are getting their facts. Some rely on Wikipedia, and some rely on factcheck.org, and others rely on Snopes, TruthorFiction and various Google searches. While these sources are helpful, think about who it is that is populating these sources with information. Are they experts? Likely not on everything. If you really want to know the facts on something, reach out to an expert in that area. Anyone can provide their opinion on what is fact and beat someone over the head with it, but one who approaches conversations with interest in the other person’s perspective and engaging in conversation by sharing theirs is truly a remarkable coach.

Always be suspicious of those who pretend to know it all, claim their way is the best way and are willing to force their way on the rest of us. ~Walter E. Williams

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes and not having all the answers, so long as we are willing to admit this and strive for personal betterment. Those who think they know it all have no way of finding out that they don’t. ~Leo Buscaglia