I’m sharing a post from a friend, Tammy Johnson, that she posted on Facebook. It was insightful and excellent thoughts to live by.

Things I’ve learned the hard way:

1 Think hard about your values and stick to them.

2 Say no to anything that doesn’t fit your values…even if there are temptations to do otherwise.

3 Create memories with the people you love. There will always be another project or title or paycheck. but the little ones won’t always be little.

4. Don’t believe the lies that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, savvy enough, etc. There will always be open doors to new opportunities if you are patient because you ARE good enough, smart enough and savvy enough.

5 Remember you only have a short number of days, don’t spend them doing things you don’t love because others think you should.

6 You aren’t a tree, if you aren’t happy, then move.

7 The Creator of the entire Universe loves you immeasurably. What could possibly go wrong that he can’t or won’t fix?

8. Your house is big enough, your car is new enough, last year’s sweater still looks great and you are the only one that thinks you should lose 5 lbs.

9. Finally, take the chance; try the scary thing; do something new…what’s the worst that could happen?