What happens when a lay person enters into a contract and things go wrong? As a consumer, there are protections in the law, and there are entities that govern just about every area of business from banking to medical care. A good rule of thumb is to ask someone in the industry what entity they are accountable to, such as telecom and the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), or the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) that deals with business scams and false advertising. Check with the Attorney General’s (AG) office in your state. Each state should have a consumer complaint division, so this would be a good start. I live in Indiana, and we have a great AG consumer complaint division.

There are other methods, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), filing a complaint on a consumer complaint forum, or filing a claim in small claims court. While these methods have proven to be effective, I have had such great success resolving issues through our AG’s office, that I tend to seek assistance there when I’m not able to resolve issues directly with the product, or service provider.

Do keep in mind that the AG’s office, the BBB, or other consumer complaint methods are not designed to handle litigation for you, or replace attorney representation. They serve as a mediator to resolve issues when a consumer is getting nowhere with a company where they have received bad services, or defective products and initial efforts on your part to resolve have failed. These efforts can fail for a number of reasons, but most often it’s things like the large company you are dealing with either hasn’t set up the proper resources to handle complaints, or perhaps they are large enough not to care if you are a repeat customer.

If you find yourself getting nowhere with a business, try one of these methods to assist you in getting your matter resolved.

“The victim inside us all ceases when we stand up in opposition of that which oppresses or intimidates us. Something powerfully intrinsic happens when the courage to no longer be silent awakens within us and we are compelled to confront our problems rather than cower to them. The things that torment us thrive on our hushed fears and insecurities and they are made powerless by a resilient voice; An inner voice that says…“No More!” ~ Jason Versey