I have not written a post since the Christmas holiday season began in full swing. I tend to jam pack my days with activity. Even when I’m at rest and just chilling out, I’m never really idle. I usually have a craft, an iPad, or a book in front of me. Insert the holiday season, and I start wishing I could give up more sleep, so I can pack into my schedule everything I need and want to do. Since I am a person who doesn’t do well on more than six hours sleep (I usually feel like I’ve been hit by a truck if I sleep too long), giving up even more is not really an option, so I’m left with being more intentional about the things I want to accomplish. I started making a list of 3-5 things at work and 3-5 things at home that I want to get accomplished in a day. I found this really effective in getting things done. I had often wasted time looking at projects and deciding which one to tackle first. If I keep a running list, I’m not wasting as much time trying to decide what needs my attention first. Once I knock out those 3-5 items on my list, I can then focus on other things,

During the holiday season, I kept setting aside a book I was trying to finish writing. Going through its 12th edit, the manuscript just sat there waiting for my final review and revisions before publishing. I added to my personal list to knock out one chapter per day. A couple of those days, I was able to complete more than one chapter. As a result, by the end of December, I have the book completed and published. Advocating for Yourself: The Laypersons Guide to Contracts, Scams and Overcharging is now online at the link below. I am now on to my next book and committing to a chapter a day. Some days can really go off the rails, but if I at least see this on my list, it’s much more difficult to make other things a priority.