Advocating for Yourself:

The Laypersons Guide to Contracts, Scams and Overcharging

As this book is going live on Amazon, I stood listening to a friend who was the victim of erroneous billing by a medical provider and was turned into collections as a result. This friend had tried numerous times to address the issue, but the billing service had the upper hand and did not make an effort to help her resolve the issue. She felt helpless in this situation and didn’t know where to turn to get it resolved.

About The Book

Have you ever been held captive in a contract with the other party refusing to let you out of it, even when they are not performing on their end as promised? What about unethical salespersons, also known as scammers, approaching you with high-pressure tactics to do business with them? Or, maybe you’ve been the recipient of erroneous billing and end up having to pay for something you didn’t actually receive because the billing office representative failed to properly research and address your issue. If any of these sound like an experience you’ve had, this book was written with you in mind. Advocating for Yourself is a book to assist you in taking back control of your day to day business dealings and negotiating contracts for services that range from apartment leasing and telecom services to home repairs, vacation rentals and other deals where you will be presented with a contract to sign. This book additionally provides examples of scams and how to deal with the scammers, as well as the numerous medical and other billing issues that occur every day and the avenues of recourse available to help you prevail in resolving these issues.

About the author.

Lisa Greer has been in the legal field for over twenty years and has been a freelance writer for nearly as long. She is currently a Contract Manager for a fortune 250 company, negotiating and writing contract language for a variety of agreement types, including technology, social media, social influencers, food, and other commodities. Lisa has over 300 published articles and has been a regular contributor for publications such as Southern Indiana Living and The Capitol News, Envato Studios, e-How, The Write Life, Veracity Technologies and Sensible Life Magazine. She is also president of Olive Tree Enterprises, LLC at, a business focused on writing, speaking and other artistic works. In addition to her Paralegal degree, she holds certifications from the Professional Woman Network in women’s leadership, women’s issues and diversity, as well as marketing, branding, and image.

Lisa’s passion is non-fiction, but she is collaborating on a fiction series for 2019. In her free time, she and her husband enjoy crafting and spending time with family and friends. While they are empty nesters, they do have three canine children that fill their home with warmth and love.